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Why the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight has long been steeped in maritime and industrial tradition. Famous for its links with the sailing community, the island is between 2 and 5 miles from the coast of Hampshire, separated only by the Solent.

Beloved by writers and monarchs alike, the island offers a wide variety of places of historical interest coupled with important archeologial and geological areas.

Queen Victoria spent childhood holidays on the island and when she was monarch made Osborne House her Winter home. "It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot" she said of the place that would become her final home. A visit to Osborne House is a must!

Osborne House Isle of Wight
Osborne House

The Isle of White has a rich musical history, with the 1970 Isle of White festival one of the final public appearances of Jimi Hendrix. A statue to Hendrix can be seen outside Dimbola Lodge (the home of celebrated Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

Jimi Hendrix statue at Dimbola Lodge
Jimi Hendrix statue at Dimbola Lodge

The Isle of Wight is a favourite with students and lovers of Geology. All the rocks on the island are sedimentary which are rich in fossils, many of which can be seen on the beaches as the cliffs erode. The island is one of the most important areas in Europe for dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur bones and fossilised footprints can be seen in and on the rocks exposed around the island's beaches.

One blog post simply isn't enough space to share all the wonderful things about the Isle of Wight, the home of The Crew House so please do join us over the next few months when we will share tips, news, and interesting features on the Island.

The Crew House is fully open and available to book via AirBNB. Alternatively, please get in touch for more information.

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