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Welcome back to The Crew House!

Well it's been a while hasn't it....?!

Like many of us The Crew House has a story of its own for Covid-19. As we approached March 2020, we were in the Caribbean with our boat, Fireball, expecting to earn a living from key racing events. Our bookings were coming in for The Crew House and we thought we knew how 2020 would pan out! Fast forward to April 2020 and we had to ship our boat home (we couldn’t get crew) – ouch £££$$$! And bookings at The Crew House started to cancel – ouch again.

So, we made the decision to cancel or reschedule all remaining bookings at The Crew House and take a longer-term tenancy from three lovely nurses working at St Mary’s in Newport. At least The Crew House has done her bit!

Poor Fireball has mainly been swinging on her mooring at Portsmouth Harbour, but she did get out on the Solent during the summer for some gentle cruising!

Fast forward again and it’s March 2021. Our nurses are leaving The Crew House and we are getting her ready for the 12th April for our Airbnb and crew guests. Oh, and we can’t wait to stay again too!

And Fireball will hopefully be back to work in April training her crew for the Fastnet and all the greatly anticipated events of the summer.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

As we follow the roadmap for easing lockdown, we are delighted to welcome bookings from households from 12th April 2021! We are taking all precautions and following all guidance for safe interactions and visits.

Booking at The Crew House can be made via our AirBnB listing where you can find further images, details and price listings.

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