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Picking that perfect holiday home

With a wealth of resources at our fingertips for finding that perfect base for your holiday, the level of choice can be overwhelming! We've pulled together our top tips for finding the holiday home that makes your vacation dreams come true!


The easiest way to narrow down your search is by simply deciding where you want to go on holiday! Is there an attraction you've always wanted to visit? Have you family you'd like to see?

Work out how far you'd ideally like to travel both to get to your holiday destination, and then the maximum you'd like to travel each day. Use the centre point as a starting point to find properties.

Get in early!

It stands to reason the earlier you can book, the most choice you will have. Finalise your dates and get booking as soon as you can!


It is always important to decide on how much you're willing to spend before you start your search. There's nothing more disappointing than finding your perfect holiday home only to discover it is out of your budget.

It is always worth remembering that certain times of the year; namely school holidays and also dates surrounding particular events, are usually more expensive. If you can be flexible with your dates, you might find more properties within your price range.


With many holiday search engines having the ability to enter parameters for your perfect search, it is really wise to take advantage of these. Consider what you categorically need vs what you would like. Do you need parking? Wi-Fi? Is a hot tub an absolutely must?

Once you have narrowed down your essential facilities, your search will prove less overwhelming!

Look at the images!

A good holiday home will share plenty of images across their listings. Make sure you thoroughly peruse them as a digital tour!


Although you might think your four-legged friend is the most important member of your family, not everyone agrees. If you want to take your dog on holiday with you, it is vital that you ensure the property is pet-friendly - and any requirements the property might have first!

Word of mouth

In the digital age, we can find feedback on a property easily - check out the listing and even any social media the property has, to find out what people really think.

It sounds like an onerous process, but with a little careful planning you can find the holiday home of your dreams, meaning all that is left to do is enjoy your stay when the time comes!

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